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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  September 13, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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zero. quarter mile in culpeper. we're sitting at ten. temperatures as cool as 48 in parkersburg and we are 84 in petersburg -- should have said parkersburg. and 68 here in town. getting in to town 88 to the live camera out there. coming from that part of virginia in to dc. volume is picking up. good morning on the outer loop we are seeing volume building between university and georgia by all lanes remain open. route 4, route 5 and 30 in maryland lacking good no incidents or accidents to report. an in dc inbound new york avenue is filling out between bladensburg and the times building. here's a look at the stories happening today. president obama heads to fairfax, virginia this afternoon he will meet with a
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family there. he will lead a discussion on the economy. the man accused of trying to employee up an international flight last christmas goes back to court. a judge is expected to set a trial date. defense lawyers are trying to reach a plea feel. a new traffic pattern is in place on the 14th street bridge. the left most lane is closed. this is part of ongoing work on the bridge. expect it to be in place for eight weeks. also happening today, a lot of people will be wearing that purr gundy and gold. maybe you should throw some on, too, to sell operate the redskins win over the cowboys. 80,000 people packed the field for the season opener. at the end of the first half, hall strips the ball. runs i back 32-yards for the touchdown. skins lead 10-0 at halftime. they were up by six with seconds left in the game. dallas looking for the score.
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tony romo finds his man in the end zone but a holding penalty so it doesn't count. redskins win 13-7. for player reaction, we have a lot of it, we turn to dave owens. >> reporter: the 101st cowboys and redskins game. wow! it went down to the final play of the game and when the smoke cleared the redskins had a victory. >> very pleased with our team. heck of a job. when you move the ball like we did on offense it is hard to beat a good football team and we found a way to do that. very proud of our team. >> a huge win for us but at the same time we didn't play the way we are capable of playing. that's a little discouraging but we will watch the film and learn from this and get better. >> exciting to see them make plays like today. offensively we have to close out ourself. fourth down, 3rddown, get in the red zone we have to score
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touchdowns. >> it is victory monday. shanahan gae gives the player the day off and on to the texans. dave owens, 9 news now. people across the region are exhausted but happy after watching the late night redskins win. lacks lake we are not the only ones that had to come out to work or be out and about early in the morning following a late- night win. >> these people have been here since 11:00 last night and now we are starting to see some redskins fans filter in here and one brought a copy of the "washington post." the headline reads win is as good as gold. redskins new era under shanahan begins with is victory. i have stolen the copy of the "washington post" from jeff. thanks for joining us. you stayed up late to watch the game. what did you think of it? >> it is great to start a new
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season with a new coach and a win. i would be normally asleep but i stayed up and they made it worthwhile. >> how do you think this will bode the rest of the season? >> i hope it is the start of something big. >> reporter: how good does it feel to actually beat the cowboys of all teams? >> real good. we had to beat anyone this was the team to beat on the fist game of the season. >> absolutely. thanks for joining us. absolutely. over here we have got edie. she is a big -- big eddie is a big redskins fan and he has a good friend who is a cowboys fan and you have a message for that cowboys fan. what do you want to say. >> the bus driver that drops off on heather green circle, redskins are number one. >> reporter: what did you think of the game last night? >> i loved it. i couldn't watch the whole thing but i loved it. i was hoping they would hold on
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to the lead and they did. so that is great. >> reporter: what do you think it says about the new era in redskins football, new coach and quarterback. >> i like mcnabb and think it will be really good. >> thanks for joining us. we will be here all morning long chatting with redskins fans as they wake up and get ready to gloat about their big win against the cowboys. angie, for now, back to you. >> defendantly the new look redskins making mondays easier. the sports team will have more reaction from players and fans tonight and you can post your thoughts on and next sunday see the skins host the texans live here on wusa 9. a man is found murdered in his bring speed home and -- springfield home an police are looking for his killer. they found his body at his home around 10:00 last night.
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at this point, the victim's name is not being released. how far, investigators do not believe the shooting was random. new at 6:00 a delay for car tax bills in northern virginia. a printing problem means 115,000 personal tax property bills did not go out on time. it affects people in arlington, falls church an alexandria. they all use the same supplier. in arlington, the county is pushing the due tax on your tax bill back to october 15th. 45,000 bills went out last week. 70,000 there70,000 will go out this week. some in the adams morgan commune are upset over a police officer shooting a dog with thousands of bystanders. a at this point, police are not commenting on the shooting. according to witnesses two dogs, both on leashes, got in to a fight on the 18th street sidewalk. a officer broke out the fight
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by tossing one of the dogs down a stairwell and then shooting. the owner of the dog killed suffered minor injuries trying to break up the fighting dogs. no one else was hurt. john boehner is talking middle-class tax cuts. sun on face the nation he would vote to extend the cuts if that is his only choice. >> you are saying that you are willing to vote for those middle-class tax cuts, even though the bill will not include tax -- extending the tax cuts for the upper bracket of america? >> bob, we don't know what the bill will say, all right? if the only option i have is to vote for those 250 and below of course i will do that. but i will do everything i can to fight to extend the current tax rates for all americans. >> tax breaks for people making more than $250,000 a year are set to expire this year.
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usa! usa! usa! usa! >> reporter: conservative activists hit the streets of washington on sunday. these tea party members called for federal government to reduce the wool. this marked the anniversary of the tear party even here in washington. it is 6:08. a "living $mart" report is three minutes away. jessica doyle is in the information center. what are you working on, jess? >> we are fired up about the redskins an the big win over the cowboys. maybe up to see the skins play in person but there are some ticket scams to look out for. but first over to howard who has the focus on maryland's weather and traffic. >> thank you. we are looking at fog to the north in frederick county in to washington county as well. a dense fog advisory in parts of virginia until 9:00 this morning. around westminster visibilities less than a mile. the forecast across maryland should be sunny by 9:00 in most areas. 60ish in cumberland.
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68 pax river. toward the lunch hour, nice, mid to upper 70s there as we go through the middle of the day and this afternoon lower 80s in many areas. 76 annapolis. cooler by the bay. 79 from easton. some areas out west could get close to 85. how are things looking this monday? >> thank you. the monday morning is nice and quiet. roads in maryland right now starting off at clopper road and 119. people leaving the house getting to work in the morning head lights are on. move to bethesda area. west east highway, nice and quiet. smooth sailing to work in that area as well and we will fly over 50 past bowie to the beltway. actually pw parkway heading south. right now no problems 95 looking good. 0 t. back with more news, weather and traffic after the break. stay close.
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we are saying hail to the redskins in this living smart report. theroid rid skins won even james was among the 90,000 plus at fedex field. now maybe you want to be at one of the games coming up this season? jessica doyle is here to give you a heads up on some of those ticket scams. >> hail angie, hail, everybody
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good morning. we are fired up -- >> you watched the game. >> until the first half. it was hard to go to sleep and hard to see mcnabb playing. i'm in love but we want to tell you, now the season is officially underway we want to give folks a warning about a scam that's been making thereons. this hit people most recently with the lady gaga tour. we saw this scam last season with the nfl. you want to see the game in person and don't have season tickets so you turn to ebay or craigslist , legitimate options but there are illegitimate ones out there and here are ways to avoid getting stung. look out for offs that say take half of the money up front an the oh half afterwards. beaware of the deals because the scammer will likely disappear after the first transaction and bar codes should vary ticket to ticket and make sure the seats being
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offered correspond to the seating chart for fedex field. check that out on-line. beair -- beware of therm asking for cash offers and some on- line marketplaces will offer protection for a bogus purchase if you pay with your credit card or paypal but it won't help you on game day when it is too late. of course being forewarned is forearmed in thesuations. we want folks to be aware of this. >> when people hear paypal they assume it is a secure site. >> because ebay and craigslist do a good job of anti-scam prevention you think it is okay but you want to be cautious out there. >> we appreciate the tips. all right. it is 6:13. here's what is in the news now, one wildfire in colorado comes urn control and another breaks out. the new one is in
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lovelisten. people are returning to their homes near boulder today. an american woman held in iran for a career could soon come home. today marks two years hins hurricane ike killed 103 people and caused 25 billionsin in damages the rebilling effort is still going on. we have igor out there. innages phone behind it and those storms don't appear to be a threat to land anytime soon. i want to talk about the threat this morning. that's fog. had the rain yesterday. two-thirds of an inch here and that left low-level moisture around. this morning a dense fog advisory is in affect northwest of washington. from frederick to hagerstown and culpeper in to manassas and
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leesburg. even western fairfax, you may see some fog too. this dense fog advisory until 9:00 this morning. you can see the viables are down to a quarter mile in manassas, culpeper, hagerstown and martinsburg. easton a little fog here and looking at ten miles. pretty good here in washington as far as the visible is concerned. winchester, you have be in and out of the fog this morning. day at a glance, 64 degrees. a couple of clouds. 77 by noon. much nicer by 5:00. here's the sunshine and 81. low 80s. although we get enough sunshine, 84, 85 clearly in reach after starting in the 80s. the bus stop forecast, we talked about the fog. otherwise partly cloudy out there. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. you may need a light jacket. partly to mostly sunny. peel the jacket off this afternoon.
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low 80s an i'm being conservative. we could get to 85 in a couple of spots. tonight partly cloudy an cool. 58 to 64 with a west win at 5:00 and 6:20 on the sunset. here's the moisture in green from yesterday. to the west the air dried out and in this area with have enough low level moisture this is where we have seeing the fog form and as we go throughout the day that will get in the way. 50s to the west and some areas in the upper 40s. locally 57 sterling. 58 reston. sterling a little fog in your neighborhood, more so to manassas where it is 64. 59 andrews. and college park they are at 59, and 57 at the air park in montgomery county. we will look pretty good here for this week. although tuesday night in though wednesday morning, as we look a the seven day, slight chance of a shower. highs in the low 80s the next front, a storm is possible on late thursday in to friday.
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cooler on friday and the week looks good. the skins are home on sunday. sunny and temperature of 83. here's patranya bhoolsuwan. thank you, howard. never too early to look forward to the weekend. as we start on the roadways, check out how things are looking an the beltway rite now. no accidents to report from fairfax county po prince georges county. things are looking good out there. on i-270, volume is picking up between father hurley and falls road. you want to add five to ten minutes if you are heading out right now but all lanes should be open to 495. as we go to virginia on 66. it is slowing down for sure from route 50 to nutley. all lanes are open here, as well. from 395 north to the 14th street bridge running if to a new photographic pattern this morning. you can see the brake lights. left lane is taken away. so watch for. that the toll road, 674 to 495
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about six minutes. stilled a speed on the virginia beltway. close to 15 minutes and seven minutes on 295, on 495 over to dc 295 this morning and a lot of kids are back in school. so watch for that slow down as you head to work. it is 6:18. back to you. as patranya bhoolsuwan mentioned, pacific gas and electric in california labeled a gas line as high risk leading up to last week's deadly explosion. four people are dead and others are missing after the blast. it leveled more than 50 homes in san bruno, california. investigator -- regulators ordered them to review their gas lines. part of the line was scheduled to be replaced. >> we want to know whether pg and e has met federal laws to inspect the transmissions lines on time. >> reporter: the company says no one in the neighborhood complained of smelling gas in the week before the explosion.
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today and tomorrow, you have a chance to learn more about part two of metro's silver line. part one is going to east falls church and tysons corner and part two to herndon, dulles and ashburn. there is meeting at the sheraton in reston at sunrise valley drive. the meting is from 6:00 to 8:00 and there is a meeting tomorrow night at the loudoun heritage farm museum. it is 6:19. your wake up sports is next. virginia tech falls out of the top 25 after a shocking loss to james madison. in three minutes, see who is number one in the new poll. [ female announcer ] introducing, new townhouse flatbread crisps.
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good morning. it was a bad week for the acc
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emthree teams dropped out of the top 25 college football poll including virginia tech who suffered a stunning loss to madison. here's how the top 25 shapes up with alabama leading the way. here's the "usa today" top 25 coaches presented by sprint. crime son tied hold on to the number one spot. ohio state at number two after beating miami. the ducks move up two spots to number six and oklahoma up to nine after a route of florida state at home. a win over unlv put them higher. but the biggest move of the weekend, the south carolina gamecocks. after downing georgia they jump from 25th to 18th this week. welcome back to the top 25, michigan beat notre dame. falling out of the top 25,
6:24 am
virginia tech, georgia tech, florida state, georgia and byu. >> that's the "usa today" top 2 a coaches poll presented by sprint. the now network. that's a look at sports. have a great monday, everybody. it is 6:24. still to come, more on he redskins win over the cowboys. reaction from the team and you, the fans. just 24 hours to go before the primary day in the district. ahead, new allegations of buying votes. howard says it will be a beautiful start to the week. find out how long the great weather will last when 9 news now returns. xc@3w÷)
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wow! we are back at 6:28. whether you need a way to get around, check out the 51st annual camel races in virginia. the camels are the main event but people are also racing ostriches an zebras. thank you for starting your day with us. i'm angie goff. andrea roane is off today. meteorologist howard bernstein is out on the weather terrace with the forecast and it's a pleasant start to our workweek. >> temperatures in a nice range. one problem we have got is the fog and here in northwest you
6:29 am
can't see it well. there's patchy grog ground fog that will settle in behind us here at a we have a dense fog advisory west of washington from frederick and prince william and loudoun counties an points west of the shenandoah valley you will see the viabilities down to a quarter mile in manassas and hagerstown and manassass and culpeper. zero down in orange and other to louisa but at ten at national airport and a mile or so here in northwest. temperatures in the 40sin the mountains of west virginia to 84 here. highs later today in the low to possibly mid-80s. patranya bhoolsuwan is in this morning. you heard howard there. it is foggy out in some places. watch for that and take it slow wherever you go this monday morning. as we look at a live picture around the area. no big problems. 95 slow in two spots from lorton and newington to backlick. add ten minutes to get through
6:30 am
that stretch. as we head to the beltway inner loop, no problems, a little slow down between braddock an route 7. on the outer loop as we switch to montgomery county beltway from university to georgia below speed. it is 6:30 on the dot. angie, over to you. >> thank you, patranya bhoolsuwan. redskins fans may be tired but it was worth it. the team began with a win over the hated cowboys. it was a primetime game in landover, maryland. at the end of the first half, hall stripped the ball, runs it back 32-yards for a touchdown. skins led lead 10-0 at halftime. they were up by six with six seconds left in the game. dallas looking for a score. tony romo finds his men in the end zone but there is a holding and approximatelity and dunn count. redskins win. >> this is what we play for. we always talk about 80 minutes
6:31 am
finishing ball games and it came down to the last play and we came through. >> we have been through close games but it is a good way to start the season. beat dallas and we ended up victorious. >> reporter: what are fans saying about the big win? kristin fisher is live at bob an edith's diner in arlington getting reaction over breakfast and you know they are savoring the victory all morning long. >> they are eating it up, angie. you know it. i want to show you one of these espn blogs this morning the headline is priceless. this is the nfc east blog and it reads redskins strip cowboys of dignity and i think fans are waking up and loving checking out the blogs and seeing the various headlines which leave the cowboys feeling terrible this morning. i have been chatting with
6:32 am
bridge jet all morning long. she's a waitress dress and has been here since 11:00 last nigh. how bad do you think the fan cowboys fans are feeling. >> pretty bad. the cowboys dinner in redskins country. what are we doing here? come over this way. we have a redskins fan. excuse me a cowboys fan right here. i asked if he was a redskins fan an he said lack at my hat. right. >> how are you feeling this morning, sir? it has to be tough. >> you have to rub it in. >> it's my job. i have to. >> i'm depressed. i live with a redskins fan and we had to be discreet talking to each other. >> reporter: now you are a redskins fan, how are you feeling this morning? >> i feel great. >> just be quiet. >> i fell asleep before the game was over and woke up and couldn't believe it.
6:33 am
it was fabulous, especially the last play. >> i'm sorry. i have to ask, how does this relationship work out? you have a redskins fan, a cowboys fan? >> we watch the titans a lot [ laughter ] >> keep it neutral. >> i root for the redskins when they are not playing the cowboys. she roots for the cowboys when they are not playing the redskins and we try not to talk to each other when we are playing each other. >> sounds like good relationship advice. let you go enjoy your breakfast but a what a great condition app season opener for the redskins. time to turn our attention to campaign bent. -- 2010. both candidates will be trying to sway over all the undecided
6:34 am
voters. new shaky youtube video is raising allegations of vote buying. this time against the vincent gray campaign. supporters of fenty interviewed people who say they were offered giant gift cards if they got in to a van and voted early. listen for yourself. >> if i get on your van. >> we are going to buy you lunch. if you get on the have van and vote and get back on, i will be right here. >> okay. but who do i have to vote for, gray? >> no. you can vote for whoever the hell. you can vote for yourself. >> reporter: last week, people un affiliated with either campaign say they were promised $100 to vote for fenty. he denied the allegations. >> this morning somebody new on the 14th street bridge. the ongoing roadwork shifted to the left lane. this is part of the rehab project on the northbound span of the bridge. starting this morning the left most lane is closed. there are four lanes going to the city from virginia. the set up should last eight
6:35 am
weeks. jessica doyle is back with another "living $mart" report. and you have an update on what is being done about the tired pilots. >> that's right. angie, pilot fatigue was cited in a crash that killed 50 people and since then safety regulators have been debating what should be done to prevent tired pilots from flying. now the transportation department is proposing rules to prevent dangerous fatigue. they will be given nine hours of rest between work days one more than current rules. because the work days would be shorter the government is proposing greater freedom to allow the pilots to fly slightly longer legs in the middle of the day. 4-g wireless service for dc is a project sprint is working on. a full-fledged 4-g network will allow smoother streaming of video on smart phones. the washington business journal
6:36 am
reports that sprint and nextel is racing to install equipment at hundreds of cell sites here trying to beat verizon and at&t to bring 4-g to the region. pull up to the starbucks drive- thru and you may be surprised what's not on the menu. they advertise the size is grande, medium and vente but no mention of the smaller tall. it is still for sale and they say for its part the change is something that drive-thru customers have asked for a simplified menu board. you can still order the tall you are out in going to see it on the menu. >> and many don't know you can order the short which is very small and if you want a high calorie way it is enough to give you that fix. >> you have to opinionally ask for it. but it is there. >> ment. the hand sanitizer that is everywhere may not protect you
6:37 am
from getting sick. a study out of the university of virginia finds using alcohol- based sanitizers may not limit your chances of catching the cold or the flu. in a test, people who used the sanitizers still had germs on their hands. the am was less than those that didn't have it. still to come, who won big at last night's mtv video music awards. and protecting yourself from on-line scams. schism steps to follow when shopping on the web. right now focus on virginia weather and traffic. >> dense fog advisory for northern virginia until 9:00 this morning does not include fairfax county. dense fog advisory. visibility is down a quarter mile in many areas in loudoun, prince william and faulkier counties and culpeper and orange. watch if for that. it will burn up in the next
6:38 am
couple of hours. as we go through the day mid 80s come 9:00. lunchtime it will be a gorgeous day. upper 70s. 78 winchester and manassas. drivers on 66, a lot of fog will be hard to see. you want to take it slow as you head out to the manassas area in to dc. as we switch to our next camera in virginia. checking out route 50 at patrick henry. the lights are working here and smooth sailing in the area. we will ride the gw parkway from 495 to route 123 to the 14th street bridge. new traffic pattern is in affect. watch for that. the time is 6:38. a quick check on the virginia traffic. more news, weather and traffic coming up after the break.
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we are going to the top of the charts. this morning the big winner alt last night's mtv video music awards. >> lady gaga! >> reporter: lady gaga won eight awards incluing video of the year for "bad romance"an she capture aid tension for an outfit, apparently made with cut of -- interesting. the "early show" begins at the top of the hour. let's go to new york with a preview of what is coming up. >> reporter: good morning. a outfit made out of cuts of meat. >> yummy deployment bring her own snacks with her. some consider it good taste. i don't know. >> the battle over taxes. is the gop ready to compromise with the president? we will check with robert gibbs. ahead in the quickest
6:44 am
match. the women's final. she is going to join us live in the studio talk about defending that title and how life has been since her big comeback. seem to be going pretty strong ever shop smart shopper inform pay full price but did you know certain days happen on certain days of the week. we will tell you when to shop for what. >> we will be watching. we have a consumer alert. a 2006 federal trade commission report found 8.3 million adults were victims of i.d. theft. thieves are even using popular sites like craigslist to steal your opinional information. lesli foster has important information before the bad guys steal more than your money. >> i saw it for $500 andives like is this a good price.
6:45 am
>> reporter: a price too good to be true and as she later learned, scammers were trying to steal her identity. >> the bottom of the e-mail like i have two indicate there my name, my information like my birthday, where i worked. >> reporter: the identity thieves can use the information and putt it together with other information that he can gather and use it to potentially aren't a house. >> reporter: or get credit. the federal trade commission says these safeguards can protect your identity from scammers. do not engage in on-line transactions with what you don't know. >> they should try to steele deal with someone they can meet face to face and see if the person is who they say they are. >> never pay by wire transfer. >> pay attention to yamatical or spelling errors if the ad. >> could be a sign that something could be awrite. >> like mary, be alert and on
6:46 am
guard. >> thank you, god, that i did not give anything away. any information away. >> reporter: lesli foster, 9 news now. if you have been a victim of i.d. theft, make sure you monitor your credit reports, review your checking accounts and bank statements regularly. file a police report and register a complaint with ftc. we have a link on our website at and click on "living $mart." so, the weather, we have some fog in some parts of the viewing area but overall a nice sunny day. >> the beginning of the week is looking fine. get you started. out west, patranya bhoolsuwan will show you the foggy traffic cameras in a moment. a dense fog advisory. this was issued 5:30 this morning until 9:00 this morning for area toll the west and northwest of dc. visibilities quarter mile or less. linda in fulton and howard county says there's decent fog
6:47 am
there, as well. montgomery, northern virginia. lack at manassas and culpeper, quarter mile visibility along with martinsburg to hagerstown. that's the worst. easton is a mile. national is ten miles. here in northwest some patchy ground fog, as well. we will watch for that. burn off upper 60s by 9:00. low 80s for the drive home. maybe even a 85. right now mostly sunny skies reported at reagan national the mom million bus stop forecast, mostly cloudy. there's the fog we talked about west of town with temperatures in the 50s an 80s. sun is coming up momentarily. this afternoon we become partly to mostly sunny. warmer than yesterday. 73 is all we made yesterday. today the low 80s. i may be changing this by noon to 83 or 85 or so. and then tonight, partly cloudy and cool. back between 56 and 64. looking at 50 cumberland. 64 reagan national.
6:48 am
56 charlottesville. where it cooled off and was able to condense out the area. college park 59. fairfax 64. reston, manassas in the upper 50s with patchy fog and andrews air force base at 59. 64 mostly sunny and are at national with a dew .59 and the winds have been light all morning. one reason we have the fog. we have a front tomorrow night with maybe a shower but later thursday and friday is the next chance of rain and igor up to 150 miles an hour but looks like a fish storm the next few days. 82 tomorrow. there's a slight chance of a shower on wednesday morning better chance on thursday in to friday morning and a nice looking weekend coming up. patranya bhoolsuwan? >> thank you very much. it is 6:48 in the morning and we have the first incident to watch for. starting off on the maps to show you where this is happening. in is 95 southbound.
6:49 am
go live to the scene where we have a camera out there as well. on the right side of the screen, emergency crews are on the scene past 7100. this is where two right lanes will be taking away, traffic is squeezing by to the left. other than that no real problems tremendous from prince william parkway to lorton at this hour. the next almost out there as you can see fog is the big story on 66 around the manassas area. you can see it in the sky there. quarter mile visibility. take it slow to avoid accidents on that vet of the highway. go ahead an check out the drivers in more. right now 270 from father hurley to the split. definite my patrol is picking up. add ten minutes to the commute to get to work on time and for folks traveling 4, 5 an crane highway. things are looking terrific. angie, send it over to you. a warning for parents of beale transport tremendous school students. police are searching for a man who apreached three student
6:50 am
behind the school. it happened last thursday in rockville. no children were hurt. police want parents to really children about being vigilant about their own safety. authorities are looking for a gunman who a is targeting law firm officers in calvert county, maryland. someone sprayed two homes with bullets. a st. mary's county deputy lives in one house. the family of both were home when the hots rang out. officers have been told to take the necessary precautions. in sports the men's final in the u.s. open will happen today weather permitting yesterday's match was postponed by lain. you can see it this actual at the nationals hope to snap the five-game losing streak tonight. they lost to the marlins yesterday -5. washington visits atlanta tonight. it is 6:51. 64 degrees here in northwest
6:51 am
washington. metro buses pulled from service last week are on the road today. that story is three minutes away. xcww
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here's what in the news now. the orion six model buses underwent repairs following a bus fire on thursday. police in fairfax county are investigating a murder. a man was found dead inside of a home along field master drive in springfield last night. police do not think this was a random crime. hail to the redskins. hall returned a rumble in the first half and a penalty on the first play negated a dallas touch couldn't. -- touchdown. redskins won. warm to the upper 80s by noon. highs in the low to middle 80s. patranya bhoolsuwan's traffic an the seven-day forecast
6:55 am
6:56 am
after four years, adrian fenty is now apologizing. he never apologized for giving control of $82 million in city contracts to his frat brothers. no apology for his secret trips and missed appearances, for record-high unemployment and overspending the budget. and no apology for what the washington post calls "silly fights with the d.c. council," "unnecessary government secrecy," "shutting out community voices." we're sorry, mayor fenty -- some things you just can't forgive.
6:57 am
that's why i got them pillsbury toaster strudel. warm flaky pastry with delicious sweet filling my kids will love. plus i get two boxtops for their school. toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. and these are the ones you'll love on a tuesday. pillsbury crescent dogs, with just a few ingredients, you have an easy to make dinner. they're crescents for the other 364.
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try them tonight. (announcer) new icy hot spray. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. new icy hot spray. don't mess around with pain. we are wondering how do you say may the force be with you in polish? star wars fans gathered there this weekend for star force. they are celebrating the anniversary of the empire strikes back. this is one of the biggest star wars events in the world among those in attendance, david proust. you may not recognize him without a black helmet. he played darth vader. >> it chicagoed everything. i have had 30 odd years of a life-changing event as it were. >> reporter: of course james earl jones did the voice of darth vader over.
6:59 am
over several releases it brought in a half billion dollars. it makes the 12th highest grossing film in decades. you have to love star wars. a slow one approaching lorton one lane take an way i. slow 844 to the scene. 395 northbound jammed 14th street bridge due to a new traffic patten. extra ten minutes and fog out there, howie. >> manassas watch out. 66 we were looking ate earlier. low to mid-80s through thursday but a chance of a shower wednesday morning and again late thursday. as were wall we are looking higher on this monday morning. the mosque controversy in new york and the latest gossip and wedding plans for prince william. >> have a great day. see you starting at 4:25.


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